BUNDA-WORKROOM_071116_080In the BUNDA atelier workshop, fine ring and diamond settings are our key marks of difference.


Highly trained, couture qualified and sensitive to the nuance of each individual gem, our jewellers treat each piece as an individual work of art.



We are dedicated to creating fine jewels like no other. We know from our experience that creating these pieces requires a powerful and trusting relationship between BUNDA and our clients; built on our heritage, knowledge, design skills and craftsmanship.

At BUNDA we say ‘we earn the right to create’. A powerful symbol of the pride we hold with our client is showcased in the commission pieces we have made for our clients over the past two decades.



All of our workshop artisans have decades of training and experience. They pride themselves in creating some of the most iconic BUNDA pieces while striving to produce the best workmanship from a straightforward polish to the most technical repair.



Traditionally trained, our expert BUNDA Jeweller started his apprenticeship in the key artisanal centres of London and Paris. The process of becoming a master jeweller is arduous and thorough. The quest for perfection is an initiation steeped in concentrated and complex stages, graduating to greater and greater precision.

To earn 'the right to create', an artisan must master his craft. Our jewellers were not even allowed to work on jewellery pieces until they have mastered all the skills. Selected for their dedication and concentrated skill, a trained jeweller is a true master of fabrication. We are very proud of ours.



Our diamond setter is from Armenian heritage, a culture of rich creative ability. In an extraordinary story that evokes the guilds of the Renaissance, he began his apprenticeship in his family business at 12 years old. A lifetime of working with the world’s most precious gems has honed his mastery.

BUNDA has always recognised the pure craft of diamond setting and we have progressed to setting all stones under a microscope.



The transition of pure invention through draftsmanship and hand-drawn design is critical to our aesthetic.

Being able to translate the genesis of a jewel to digital 3D modelling adds to that refinement.

At BUNDA, expression begins in a 'free' drawing. The transformation of the idea into an extraordinary piece relies on a seamless union between creativity and technology.