A Modern Heritage

When you choose BUNDA, you wear jewels like no other.

The power of a family business is not just the depth of time it takes to build. More vital are the gifts shared through the challenge of experience. A good jeweller makes beautiful things. A great jeweller makes beautiful memories that grow into heirlooms.

BUNDA is a respected name that weds contemporary design to blue chip stock. Our sources are as rare as the jewels we set.Our global relationships with the world’s best diamond and pearl sources continue to generate a deep trust in the purity and integrity of our gems.

1995 Robert Bunda Workshop (1)

1969 - House of Cedar

The creative lineage of BUNDA has deep roots in artisan skill and European antiques. Robert and Veronica Bunda opened “House of Cedar” in 1969. His passion for French polishing dovetailed with his wife Veronica’s knowledge of historic jewels and Objet D’art.

1990 - Veronica Bunda - Collectors Magazine 1990 (2)

1980s - The star power of Art, Antiques & rare Jewels

By the 1980s, BUNDA was an established name in the Sydney Antiques world and their flagship store was opened in the Queen Victoria Building in 1988.  Fine jewellery, antiques, sculpture and gemstones bought from the important estates of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s attracted a celebrity clientele.

1998 - Ben Bunda Cover McGrath Space Magazine (2)

1990 - The unexpected designer 

In 1990 Ben Bunda joined the family company, while majoring in Fine Arts at Sydney University. Inspired by the refinement all around him he began to draw and conceive his first collection using Art Deco diamonds and richly hued precious gems.  From the first day his commitment was total. To take control of each step of the production process Ben decided to forge his own workshop. This step established his life’s work: to make jewels like no other.

BUNDA-WORKROOM_071116_001 (1)

1990s - Discovering natural beauty

As a young jeweller Ben Bunda was agile to challenges and change within the market. In swift response to the demand for South Sea Pearls in the 1990’s Ben travelled to Tahiti to secure a supply of the very best Black Pearls. In great demand and limited supply in Australia, BUNDA made a significant commitment to having a cachet of these extraordinary natural gems. Establishing a supply of the very best gemstones in one particular category from a source with known provenance has been one of the cornerstones of our reputation.

BUNDA-0520_028 (1)

2004 - The transition to luxury

In the early 2000s, Ben Bunda worked intensively in New York, deepening his knowledge of diamonds and honing his designing eye. Concentrating on bespoke commissions for couture clients, he brought that finesse back to Sydney in 2004 to concentrate all of acumen and creativity on BUNDA.

Over the next decade the company that began in antiques and fine carpentry evolved to a fully fledged luxury brand. The work ethic and passion for aesthetics that began BUNDA in the late sixties flowered in a coveted design house with a platinum reputation.

Copy of 060029-Diamond Meteor Bracelet-20101008-01 (1)

2010s - Glamour and fantasy

This was the decade that truly established BUNDA as a luxury house with an international clientele. Here was Ben Bunda's opportunity to express himself as an artist. Commissions for elaborate pieces and flights of fancy were made from the most opulent materials on earth.

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2020 - The power of reputation


Ahead of the curve on the explosion of e-commerce, Ben Bunda chose to adapt to the balance between delivering quality to anywhere in the world while offering the privilege of personal service.

The choice to create an exclusive and private atelier deepened the intimacy of the most vital relationship in fine jewellery: that between the client and the designer.

Ben Bunda continues to take his inheritance seriously. A drive for originality wed to a respect for precious materials is the distinction that sets his work apart. BUNDA began steeped in tradition but contemporary style spearheads our second generation. In a sea of classic design conventions, we pose a subtle alternative pivoting on detail and experience.